Asset-intensive Industry

Enterprise Asset Management ( EAM)
With the rapid development of the world economy, the enterprises scale and assets of some industries are gradually increasing, such as the power industry, telecommunication industry, petrochemical industry, coal-mining industry, subway, aircraft, and ports.  Although these industries’ development directions and management modes are different, these asset-intensive industries share some common characteristics:

The enterprise assets are intensive. The assets are in large number and wide varieties with high unit equipment price.
The equipments of enterprises assets are advanced with high degree of automation and relatively low dependence on human. However, the equipments demand high-level maintenance. Compared to the operating cost, the cost of asset management accounts for a high proportion

For asset-intensive enterprise, only by ensuring normal and stable operation of the assets, by reducing the maintenance cost of asset operation, and by improving asset utilization rate and maximizing the assets values could the enterprise truly embody the management level of the enterprise.

EAM system is based on the asset accounting record and work order management, and is an enterprise management information system which conducts lifecycle management of the assets in accordance with a variety of maintenance modes. EAM which focuses on the lifecycle of assets from procurement, installation and debugging, operation and management to scrap improves the reliability and value of asset operation and reduces maintenance and repair costs to enhance enterprise management level and strengthen the core competitiveness of enterprise.

Typical Cases
    (EAM) EAM of Jiangsu Zhangjiagang Huaxing Power Plant



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