Pharmaceuticals Industry

Management and Decision-Making System of Pharmaceuticals Industry
With the development of pharmaceuticals industry in recent years, in order to participate in the international market competition and to quickly expand the scale of operation, domestic pharmaceutical enterprises have been progressing toward group corporation. To meet the management requirement of group corporation, it is important for enterprises to apply information and network technology to the practical work of enterprise management. 

Before a unified platform for data presentation and decision making analysis is established, data concentration and integration must be underway. Under the circumstances that constituent companies use different management software, by using flexible and configurable ETL instruments, different models can be constructed to extract, transform and load data. As the coding adopted by constituent companies in different industry situation and business system could be inconsistent, in the process of data extraction, the first step is to finish encoding specification and index system regulation.

In addition to the major approach of establishing management and decision-making database (data warehouse) on the basis of data extraction, this system provides supplemental information access so that data that cannot be extracted from business system could reach management and decision-making database.

This system achieves automation of operating data tabulation of group pharmaceutical enterprises, and accomplishes indicator warning.

This system undertakes data analysis from different angles, so as to establish a collective analysis system for group corporation of pharmaceutical enterprises, and enable every level and department and role to have the data analysis capability. In the process of data analysis, drill-down analysis is carried out, so that requirements of all kinds, from statistical indicators to detailed statements, from decision-making analysis support to top-level managers of group headquarters to operations management of middle-level managers, could be realized.

Ultimately, Enterprise Management and Decision-Making System establishes BI system with the basis of unified data platform, and provides to business segments of group headquarters as well as constituent companies with data analysis, performance management, and decision making support.

Typical Cases
    China Pharmaceutical Group Corporation Data Warehouse and Business Intelligence System (BI)


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