Enterprise Energy Management System

System Overview
As government and enterprises’ energy saving awareness is rising and energy informationization market is maturing, in order to achieve the goal of saving energy and reducing consumption, to realize better allocation of resources, production organization, departmental energy clearing and cost accounting, and to gain financial support from government in respect of energy saving technological transformation, it is urgent for enterprises to establish an effective energy management system for energy supply, storage and use management. Basing on Online Monitoring System on Energy Use, and taking full account of the nature of work of enterprises and their needs, we developed Enterprise Energy Management System which is more powerful and more specific for enterprises.

Enterprise Energy Management System is an information system integrating energy data acquisition, analysis, and management. It fulfills real-time monitoring and tracking of the whole process of energy supply, storage and consumption; meanwhile, with the help of energy consumption analysis model, it provides operational support for enterprises in respect of energy use management, so as to meet the needs of getting hold of energy use situation in real time and strengthening energy saving management; in addition, it facilitates the work of energy measuring and accounting so that enterprises could gain prompt access to energy consumption status, explore energy saving potentials, and improve energy management.

This system consists of 10 modules including energy measuring instruments management, key energy-consuming equipment management, online monitoring of energy use, energy consumption forecast and early-warning management, energy consumption indicators management, autonomous clean production, autonomous energy audit management, consolidated statements management, intelligent decision making support, and energy efficiency control. As it is integrated with data acquisition system and automatic control system of enterprises, it is capable of conducting online energy use monitoring and comprehensive management services.

Enterprise Energy Management System can be applied to large user groups, industrial enterprises and large-scale public facilities construction users, to meet the needs of different users for energy management.


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