Online Monitoring System on Energy Use

System Overview
Energy consumption statistics is an important foundation for the work of energy saving. In 2006, the State Council issued The Decision About Strengthening Energy Saving Tasks, in which “strengthening energy consumption statistical sum and measurement management” is emphasized. Energy consumption data being too general or even inaccurate has already been one of the major obstacles baffling the progress of energy saving.

By using Online Monitoring System on Energy Use, which not only realizes sub-metering and accurate statistics summing, but also on this basis expands a series of energy use management functions, this problem can be solved. Adopting information technology such as computer networks, wireless communications, measurement, and information acquisition, this system achieves digitization and visualization in energy use management. This system is divided into several layers, which from bottom to top are acquisition layer, transmission layer, storage layer and presentation layer. In addition to online real-time monitoring of energy consumption data including electricity, heating, water, coal, and temperature, this system offers services like energy consumption statistics summing, energy saving diagnosis, efficiency management, and analysis for decision making. So far in Beijing, there are about 200 customers using this system, among which are 54 government institutions and 87 key energy enterprises.

Part of our customers
  Beijing Municipal People’s Government
  Beijing Municipal Commission of Development and Reform
  Beijing Municipal Public Security Bureau
  Finance Bureau of Beijing
  Beijing Judicature Bureau
  Beijing Yanjing Beer Group Corporation
  Beijing Hyundai Motor Company Corporation
  Beijing Sanyuan Foods Company
  Beijing New Building Material Public Limited Company
  Beijing New Building Material Group Limited (BNBM)
  Beiqi Futian Automobile Co., Ltd
  Beijing Power Equipment Group (BPEG)
  Beijing Benz-DaimlerChrysler Automotive Co., Ltd. (BBDC)
  Foxconn Precision Component (Beijing) Co., Ltd
  Beijing North Vehicle Group Corporation
  Beijing No. 7 Paper-making Factory
  Beijing Heavy Electric Machinery Works


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