Public Service Platform of Construction Energy Conservation

System Overview
The system is a comprehensive operating platform which includes three sub-systems, E-government, energy audit and energy saving monitoring. The system which has three main functions: E-office of energy-saving affairs, audit digitization of construction energy, online monitoring of energy-using data could meet the enterprise and government’s needs of the construction energy informationization.

The system could realize the integration of E-office, energy audit and energy monitoring, and build the database of the energy utilization status. Based on this foundation, further exploitation and analysis could be achieved so as to form the macro-decision support system.

The system could regulate the statistical information of the energy utilization situation, and reflect the utilization situation of the large public construction project authentically to provide data support to long-term energy management of the key energy-using buildings.

The system could collect, storage the basic information of the large public construction project and the information of energy consumption, and set up a basic information database of large public construction project.


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