Distribution Network Fault Analyzing System

System Overview
The reliability of power supply refers to the power supply system’s ability of supplying power to the customers continuously and is also an important aspect of electricity reliability management. It is a comprehensive embodiment of the power enterprise’s technical equipment and the management level. The reliability of power supply not only affects the economic benefits of the power enterprise but also represents the power supply service level of the power enterprise. With the rapid development of social-economic development and the continuous improvement of people’s living standards, people have increasingly high requirements of the reliability of electricity supply. Therefore, it is not only the customer’s expectation to improve the power supply reliability, but also the power enterprise’s development needs and goals to pursue.

To improve the reliability of power supply and to create the first-class power enterprise, the power enterprise not only needs the perfect power network and the advanced equipment, but also the first-class management. One of the factors which influence the reliability of power supply is the failure rate of the power network. The Distribution Network Fault Analyzing System is designed to analyze the failure ex post facto. The system could re-investigate the site of the failure, record the process detailedly, analyze the reason of the failure and record the analysis program to identify causes and define responsibilities. The Distribution Network Fault Analyzing System is aimed to analyze the power network, the equipment and the enterprise’s problem by strengthening the management to reduce the occurrence of failure rate and to improve power supply reliability. 

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