Enterprise Information Portal

System Overview
In recent years, with the rapid development of electrical enterprise’s information construction and the deepening of the electricity market reform, electrical enterprises have put more and more application systems into use to meet the need of operation and management which bring great convenience to the operational management. However, these business application systems are built in different periods which lack for the unified planning and coordination due to objective factors which cause these systems lack for necessary collaboration and communication. This will lead to “detailed management” while the business management workload also increases and “information expansion” while information island also came into existence which will ultimately affect the efficiency of business units.

Meanwhile, with the electrical enterprise’s increasing demand for the improvement of their own management and the decision-making ability of leadership, the amount of information needs to be more accurate, timely and sufficient. Therefore, the integrated multi-disciplinary and cross-platform information system, which is complete and unified, fulfills real-time transmission of data, and achieves full and efficient information share, has gradually become the developing direction of enterprise information development. The reasonable approach is to establish an integrated enterprise information platform based on the existing application system through information application integration and data integration. The integrated enterprise information platform which could work independently as well as collaboratively could make use of the data accumulated over the years to the maximum and transform the data to the information which creates value. This is why the Enterprise Application Integration (EAI) and Enterprise Information Portal (EIP) came into being.

By the establishment of the integrated EAI/EIP information platform, the electrical enterprise is able to further explore the existing potential of the various information systems to achieve information sharing. For decision makers of the electrical enterprise, they could browse and inquire about the information of various aspects of power supply through EIP to make decisions on power supply marketing. For personnels of electrical enterprise, they could browse and inquire about all the information related to their fields through EIP to improve their work efficiency. For customers of the electrical enterprise, they could inquire about information relevant to their own interests such as, the quantity of the electricity, the electric charges, the power expanding service, etc so as to make analyses and judgment on their electricity consumption and the power expanding service. 

Therefore, the application of EIP in electrical enterprise is a qualitative leap for their information work which will effectively transform and improve the structure of information systems. By data and application integration, the application integration of the business information systems can be realized and the information isolated island can be eliminated which will help to achieve the objective of electrical enterprise’s information integration, and to greatly enhance enterprise efficiency and enterprise revenues.


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