Energy-saving engineering service

Based on leading domestic and international technologies on reproducible energy utilization (solar energy, wind energy, water/ground heat pump, etc.) and energy storage, we offer a wide range of energy-saving engineering services on ice (water) storage, reproducible energy utilization (water/ground heat pump, solar energy projects), electro-system energy conservation, separate metering reform and energy-saving project operation.

We’ve gained numerous customers as well as precious experiences from different fields through the years.  Striving for mature operation model, improving our service process and promoting customer value with personalized solutions all help us obtain a good fame.

Part of our customers
    White Peacock Art World
    Yanjing Hotel
    Shanghai Pudong International Airport
    Tian’anmen Rostrum
    Monitoring Center, The State Administration of Radio, Film and Television
    Auditorium(s) of Department(s) directly under the CPC Central Committee
    National Institute of Metrology


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