Energy-conservation design and consultation

Brief introduction
Providing professional energy-saving consultation, diagnosis and analysis, we aim at improving the overall efficiency of customers’ energy-using system.  The energy-conservation design and consultation cover areas of energy-consumption evaluation, clean production, system planning, training and etc.

Meanwhile, as the accredited energy auditing organization by Beijing Municipal Commission of Development and Reform, CEE has won a high reputation among the government and enterprise customers at all levels based on its in-depth study on customer needs, long-time service experiences, sufficient knowledge on different industries’ auditing requirements and comprehensive strength in business.

Part of our customers:
    Beijing Yanjing Beer Group Company
    Beijing Feb.7th Railway Transportation Equipment Co., Ltd., China Northern Locomotive and Rolling Stock Industry (Group) Corporation
    Beijing Waterworks Group Company
    Bejing Gaojing Co-generation Power Plant, China Datang Group
    Beijing Ershang Group
    China Agriculture University
    Beijing Tourist Group


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