Energy Performance Contracting

Energy Performance Contracting, shortened as EPC, is an energy-conservation investing mode in which the whole energy-conservation project’s expenses are paid with the saved energy costs.  The energy-conservation service company, which gets payment from the customer’s saved energy costs, provides its customer a pack of service including energy auditing, feasibility research, project financing, equipment and material purchase, implementation, training and later maintenance and management and would be the ideal choice for such enterprises that need improve their energy-consumption efficiency in the ways that:

    Such enterprises could pay the project’s expenses from the saved energy costs;
    Such enterprises could carry out new energy-conservation projects using in advance the future income;
    Such enterprises could choose a suitable cooperating model combining their own characteristics and status quo, while the service company would be responsible for the results and income.  In this way, a win-win solution is achieved.  Compared with the traditional energy-conservation business, successful EPC projects will largely improve the efficiency of energy utilization, reduce the energy costs, create more profits for energy service companies and benefiting the society with less energy consumption and pollution.

    At present, our EPC models include:
(1) Installment: the energy-saving project consignor pays the service company a certain portion of advance and the rest sum from the saved energy costs.

(2) Quantity guarantee of saved energy: the energy-saving project consignor pays part of the reform expenses for the whole project; if the pre-set energy-saving index is not reached during the contract period, the energy-saving project consignor will cut down the reform expenses pro rata according to the contract.

(3) Quantity guarantee of energy conservation + excess share of energy saving income: the two parties may contract to share the excess energy saving income when the second model is chosen.

Our advantages
    We have established long-term cooperation and mutual trust with a group of financial organizations through successful implementation of numerous projects;
    We are equipped with a professional team for consultation and design who provides best energy-saving solutions;
    We carry out online monitoring on the quantity of saved energy using our self-developed patent technology, which enables us to acquire effective data of energy consumption;
    We also have an operation service team of rich experiences in energy management.

Major cases:
    Ground heat pump project for the Elderly Community;
    Escalator Energy-saving Reconstruction with Frequency Conversion Technique for Wangfujing Department Store;
    Electricity-saving lighting project for U Town Commercial Plaza;
    Transformer reconstruction project for Shuangshan Cement Factory;
    Air conditioner system project for Beijing Guoguang High-Tech Electron Co. LTD.
    ... ...


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