Energy management service

On the basis of information energy management, the corporation has researched, introduced, developed and promoted many advanced energy-saving technologies and products such as heat pump technology, energy storage technology, renewable energy use and the technology of frequency conversion, etc from home and abroad. We possess the capacity to provide our customers with comprehensive energy-saving management service and adopt many mature operating modes represented by energy management contracting (EMC) to increase the customer’s profits by energy conservation comprehensively.

We aim at promoting the overall efficiency of the energy-using system.  By professional energy-consumption diagnosis and energy-conservation analysis, we are able to find the problems causing a low efficiency and bring forward related solutions.  During the project implementation, we would offer customized whole-process energy-saving management service covering energy-conservation diagnosis, system planning, reform proposal, project implementation and project operation, and our complete long-term operation service system will ensure the performance of our products.

Service items
    1、Energy Performance Contracting
    2、General energy management



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