KPI Analyzing System for Guangzhou Power Supply Bureau
KPI Analyzing System for Guangzhou Power Supply Bureau

In accordance with “The Regulations on Index Pool of Guangzhou Power Supply Bureau”, the KPI analyzing system is designed to collect, process, transmit and integrate data resources in production safety, planning, operation and administration applying the mainstream international information processing technology.  The Bureau’s operation would be fully, accurately and quickly reported in the KPI management model and technology support system, which lays the basis for actual, valid and multi-level data service for the Bureau leaders as well as for an efficient performance appraisal covering all the staff.  Besides, the system also helps the Bureau shorten the distance between itself and other leading companies in the province, country or even in the world.  Its management would be thus transformed from a qualitative type to a quantitative one, and “digital power supply” therefore realized.  To summarize, this project has highly facilitated the data collection, integration and analysis and KPI assessment inside the Bureau.


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