Data Warehouse and Business Intelligence System for China National Pharmaceutical Group
Data Warehouse and Business Intelligence System for China National Pharmaceutical Group

Founded on November 26, 1998, China National Pharmaceutical Group Corporation (hereinafter referred to as SINOPHARM) is China's largest pharmaceutical group company, the subsidiaries of which include China National Pharmaceutical Industry Corporation Ltd., SINOPHARM Medicine Holding Co., Ltd., China National Corporation of Medicines Ltd. and China Pharmaceutical Advertising Company Ltd., etc.

As the pharmacy industry develops increasingly fast recently, a great many pharmaceutical industries expanded their business scales by means of purchase, share holding, annexation and brand export and some large group companies came into being.  Such group companies, embodying tremendous assets, complicated property relationships, long capital chains, numerous branches and international markets, have a large demand towards information and network technologies.

To meet these demands, SINOPHARM planned to build a data warehouse and business intelligence system founded on a unified data platform to improve internal management, increase corporate margins and to better survive international competitions.  Both the headquarter business departments and the subsidiaries may use this system for data analysis, performance management and decision making.

Furthermore, the IT Department of SINOPHARM is preparing for updating the network facilities and the server’s hardware to guarantee the successful implementation and future operation of the database and BI project.  This new information platform will definitely give a boost for the SINOPHARM’s rapid development.


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